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A Prayer Safari

Join me on a long-awaited- personal safari to a place where I have never been. I have attempted going there many times before, but something kept me from reaching my destiny. I have learned to pray, I invited you to come along, and I identified ‘that something’ that repeatedly foiled my adventure. Those are the three reasons why-this expedition will be …

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Walk –Run Into Your New Season

We all know that having the fundamental desire to change is paramount for change to occur, right?  And   we also know that forging change, overcoming fear and procrastination rushes in a new season, right?   Well-know this – you have entered your season of enlarged territory-and you are ready. There is excellence within you and yes, you are as talented, …

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If You Don’t Say It-You Won’t Have To Explain It… Words Deceptive Potential!

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Although true in the physical sense, that little maxim can be one of the biggest lies ever told. Words can still hurt long after broken bones have healed. Careless conversations or harsh remarks can impede or destroy individual self-esteem, the harmony of a marriage, the trust of …

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When You Know It’s Time for a Tune-up…Call The Chief Mechanic

Before you read further, know that I’m writing this to myself.  My business acumen was causing me concern; my prayer life was irregular, and my fitness regimen sporadic.  I was sluggish and miss-firing on most cylinders. My self-diagnoses: Major behavioral modifications needed.  I recommended an Intellectual Tune-up. I needed fixing and I knew just how to do it! I read …

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