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Preserved by Purpose – Single, Saved and Selfish?

“I think that if you are single, God has nothing to with it. It’s because you are too selfish to do the work to be in a relationship.” As a listened to this comment a few years ago, all I could do was look at the telephone in amazement.  I’d heard these kinds of sentiments before but not put quite ... Read More »

Preserved – It’s Your Fault You’re Single!

“Does the black church keep black women single?” Before I even had a chance to read the article on CNN.com a few years ago, I’d already decided the answer was no.   I remember my response to this article like it was yesterday: the answer was a definite “no!”      I read the article with great interest because a few times I’d ... Read More »

Preserved – The Voice of the Flesh

If we are honest with ourselves, all of us struggle with wanting to do things that seem satisfying at the time, but often leave a bittersweet aftertaste. I think about the warnings I got from my parents as a child not to overeat. Of course, thinking as an 8 year old I knew what was best for me, I ignored ... Read More »