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Being Thankful Is A 24/7 Attitude!

More than a year has past since I paused to journal my thoughts of gratitude and thanks.
Back then, for five consecutive days I listed 10 thoughts of Thanks and Gratitude. Each day I opened my yellow Composition Journal and wrote down my thoughts of Thanks & Gratitude.
M.T. Caesar

M.T. Caesar

I numbered the page 1-10 and I let my thoughts free-flow and immediately, the numbered slots would fill. My thoughts were unedited, whatever came to mind landed on the list.
What an exhilarating and spiritual cleansing exercise- a daily exercise that I will resume.
Today, as I reflect on my 10th year in business I am filled with humility, thanks and gratitude.
Therefore; for this Special Issue of the DGC Newsletter I must acknowledge, express and list 10 Thoughts of Thanks and Gratitude related to DallasGospelConnection.com:
Of Course God comes first and what follows is in no particular order!
1.Thank you: God, I give thanks to the Lord, for He is good-Thank You Jesus for Your Grace and Mercy
2.Thank you: Repeating customers/advertisers’ year after year month after month
3.Thank you: New advertisers, I pray that your experience with DGC is fruitful and we become new partners in commerce
4.Thank you: Contest winners and those that enter-surely you have enjoyed the plays and concerts
5.Thank you: DGC Team- Tiffany, Lakisha, Carmen, Denisha, Sharon, Dameon, Daryl, Mr. Mayfield-Oh, how much I cherish all of you
6.Thank you: Ministers, Preachers, Prophets & Evangelists that speak into my life  and pray for my business and family-you know who you are
7.Thank you: Promoters for the opportunity to advertise/market your Stage plays and Concerts, My friends, you know who you are, much love
8.Thank you: Business mentors for your teaching and patience, you are greatly appreciated
9.Thank you: Email list of 30k -thanks for attending the conferences, buying the tickets and for the overall support of the DGC brand
10.Thank you: Coffey, Alex, Terrance and Mavis-My wife, daughter and sons
My friends, please keep in mind that being thankful isn’t just for the Thanksgiving Holiday, It’s A 24/7 Attitude.
I am looking forward to an amazing and anointing 2017 for DGC- I give thanks in advance for all upcoming business translations and for the  growth of DallasGospelConnection.com
Continued Blessing and Prosperity,
Caesar  11/23/16

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