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Say yes to the 10!

Happy New Year to All!  And a big shout out to every achiever who made resolutions, set goals, and declares a new focus and a new attitude in this New Year. You are now eleven days into the year 2017 and things are moving fast along! Ok, good news…I am right there with you. I stepped out-proclaimed great movement and ... Read More »

Being Thankful Is A 24/7 Attitude!

More than a year has past since I paused to journal my thoughts of gratitude and thanks. Back then, for five consecutive days I listed 10 thoughts of Thanks and Gratitude. Each day I opened my yellow Composition Journal and wrote down my thoughts of Thanks & Gratitude. I numbered the page 1-10 and I let my thoughts free-flow and ... Read More »

No One Drifts To Success

I was thumbing through one of several composition note books that I routinely grab for note taking and I came across the topic, ‘No one drifts to success.’  As I began to review my notes, I easily understood why I took them. However; I do not know when and where. No date or location, no speaker’s name or author mentioned. ... Read More »

Five is the number of Power and Divine grace

To:  my fellow entrepreneurs, men and women of God, pastors, ministers and preachers, apostles, prophets and evangelists.  Today is the first Monday of the 2nd quarter in 2016. Today is also the first day of the rest of your life. I pray that your endeavors are fruitful and that God’s grace and mercy continue to journey with you. Therefore; my ... Read More »

Get The (—-) Out of The Way!

Get the (4 letter word) out of the way and make it happen. Believers have the audacity to move forward and rapidly expand your ministries, businesses, vocal talents, musical gifts, athletic skills, literary aptitude and your being great and gifted. Willing workers master and expand your territories. You have been called for a time such as this, 2016. Yes, it ... Read More »

What you are you Proclaiming…and What Are You Doing…Just A Question?

Hypocrisy is the claim or pretense of holding beliefs, standards, behaviors, or virtues that one does not truly hold. In common usage, “hypocrisy” often refers to a failure to do that which one asks of others. Stated in another way, hypocrisy is the criticism of others upon their refusal to do things that you falsely claim to be doing yourself. Give yourself permission ... Read More »

Entrepreneur from my Perspective

  Being an Entrepreneur; n. one who organizes, controls and assumes the risks of a business or other financial enterprise- can be very fulfilling, rewarding and at the same time-a continuous grind.     Entrepreneurship is not for the timid, the applause seeker or the approval needing. Because of the work hours, personal sacrifice, family/peer pressure and lack of psychology ... Read More »

A Prayer Safari

Join me on a long-awaited- personal safari to a place where I have never been. I have attempted going there many times before, but something kept me from reaching my destiny. I have learned to pray, I invited you to come along, and I identified ‘that something’ that repeatedly foiled my adventure. Those are the three reasons why-this expedition will be ... Read More »

Walk –Run Into Your New Season

We all know that having the fundamental desire to change is paramount for change to occur, right?  And   we also know that forging change, overcoming fear and procrastination rushes in a new season, right?   Well-know this – you have entered your season of enlarged territory-and you are ready. There is excellence within you and yes, you are as talented, ... Read More »

If You Don’t Say It-You Won’t Have To Explain It… Words Deceptive Potential!

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Although true in the physical sense, that little maxim can be one of the biggest lies ever told. Words can still hurt long after broken bones have healed. Careless conversations or harsh remarks can impede or destroy individual self-esteem, the harmony of a marriage, the trust of ... Read More »