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Prayer and Worship:  The Relationship, Pt. 1

We know from scripture that two things God requires of us as Christians are prayer and worship. We have been instructed in God’s Word to pray without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17). As any true prayer warrior will tell you, prayer is two-way communication between God and the person(s) praying. Too often we deem prayer as only one-way communication, when we ... Read More »

Lose Your Religion

Many of us have heard the expression spoken, usually in anger “She/He almost made me lose my religion!” Or in a temptation scenario when we were just about to give that person a piece of our minds, we’ve used the same words. It all boils down to some situation where we’ve been made so angry or became so agitated that ... Read More »

Preserved – What’s in a Name

What is a simple way to show that you care about somebody?   Buy them something?   Cook a good homemade meal?   These are all good but one way is easier:  learn their name.    I realized this recently when one of my students told me how much he appreciated me trying to learn student names.   He said that it showed I cared. ... Read More »

VISITATION: The Second Powerful Key to Job’s Life By Evangelist Sean Pinder

“Thou hast granted me life and favor, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.”  – Job 10:12   Key # 2: VISITATION The word “visitation” has several meanings and we will discuss the ones that definitely apply to us in this season of God’s visitation upon our own lives.  We will go into this shortly, but first I must say ... Read More »

A Philosophical Moment

By Psychologist and Philosopher, Steffany Curry The Mystery of Motherhood The mystery of motherhood is greater than we can imagine. The divinity comes when the torch is shared mutually between mother and daughter. From the biblical standpoint and for the understanding of natural procreation, it was decided by God, that a woman would be chosen to give birth and therefore ... Read More »


Job 10:12, “Thou hast granted me life and FAVOR, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.”  Key # 1: FAVOR The first word we will look at is FAVOR.  Right here, this word “favor” means “goodness,” “kindness,” and “faithfulness.”  One of the key reasons Job was successful and had acquired so much was because the favor of God was on his ... Read More »

Preserved by Purpose: A Mother’s Wisdom

One of the most memorable images from the recent media coverage of the civil unrest in Baltimore is of Toya Graham, the single mother of six who physically beat her teenaged son when she realized that he was participating in the rioting.  Regardless of whether you think she should have “whupped” him, it worked.   Her refusal to accept anything less ... Read More »

Preserved – Options and Opportunity

“You can either have one person pay the bill or you can separate it yourself,” announced the waitress as she casually handed the check to my co-worker’s husband and then walked away from the table.   We (meaning the five women) sitting at the table looked at each other as we discussed what it appeared that the waitress was telling us. ... Read More »

Preserved – Holy Boldness

“Please God!   Let me say something to defend myself!” is what poured out of my heart as I prayed before going into what I knew would be a difficult meeting a few years ago.     Based on what was said to me before the meeting, I knew that the invitation for me to attend was not to celebrate me but to ... Read More »

Preserved – Rock God’s Promises: Choices and Changes

  As a child and now as an adult woman, something I’ve always admired about my Daddy is that he always keeps his promises.    If he says he’s going to do something, it’s done.   If fact, even before I could tell time, I remember as I child that I always knew it was 5 pm or dinner time because that ... Read More »