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Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long.
                             Psalms 119:97, NIV
As I’ve visited numerous hotels throughout the years during my travels, I’ve found comfort in opening the nightstand drawer and finding a Bible within, especially during those times when I’ve forgotten mine. But during some of my recent hotel visits, I’ve opened the nightstand and found no Bible there.

Jeaninne Stokes
Jeaninne Stokes
And I thought: “What would I do if I did not have access to God’s Word anymore? Would I still be able to live the Christian life effectively? Or would I be completely lost without it?”
I believe the psalmist would have been lost. For he loved God’s Word so much that he meditated on it whenever he got a chance – morning, noon or night. Having access to God’s Word seemed as important to him as having access to food or water.
Is that your testimony too? Do you love God’s Word so much that you meditate on it all day long? Is it as important to you as food and water?
I wrote the following poem to express how I would feel if I didn’t have access to God’s Word:
If to the Word I could not go
What would I do, how could I grow
If to the Word I could not flee
How would I know God’s best for me.
I might forsake the Christian race
Without the Word in this vast space
I might veer off and go astray
Without the Word to lead the way.
For when I open the Word each day
Buried treasure I find along the way
Like contentment, joy and peace of mind
And other gems of various kinds.
I”ll cherish the Word from beginning to end
For it teaches me how to live and to stand
And I’ll hide it within the recess of my heart
For that’s the one place it will never depart.
As the world seeks to remove access to God’s Word, keep hiding it in your heart, for that’s the one sure place it can never be removed.
Sharing the Word,
Prayer: Father, thank you that your Holy Word can never be removed from our lives, as long as it is hidden in our hearts. Amen.
Jeaninne Stokes is a Christian author, speaker and bible-teacher whose mission is to write to inspire and equip others to live a life of faith in every aspect of their lives. To learn more about her ministry and read more of her writings, visit her at: www.jstokeswritingministries.com

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