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Ellum Net Makes High Speed Internet More Affordable to South Dallas Residents

Ellum Net will introduce new residential plans to make high speed internet more affordable and available to more people. Current and new residential customers will see their monthly internet bill decrease, while their internet speeds increase by more than 50 Mbps on the leading South Dallas fiber network.

“Our customers want access to faster, more reliable internet speeds at an affordable price,” said Michelle Reese, Chief Executive Officer. “We are innovating seven days a week to deliver more than what is expected.”

According to most recent US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports, consumer spending in South Dallas on household expenditures including clothing, food, entertainment, transportation and utilities, among others, is more than 30 percent below the national average. Many point to lower consumer spending as to why South Dallas and similar communities around the country are often neglected by large companies.

“Residents in South Dallas were at a major disadvantage without affordable, reliable high speed broadband service,” Reese said. “Access to good internet connectivity shouldn’t depend on where you live.”

A 2015 Pew Research Center report found “roughly two-thirds (69%) of Americans indicate that not having a home high speed internet connection would be a major disadvantage to finding a job, getting health information or accessing other key information [including learning about or accessing government services] – an increase from 2010.”

In response, Ellum Net has deployed innovative technologies to provide reliable, fast computing that will enable smarter, more sustainable communities around the world starting first in South Dallas.

This is just the beginning of the company’s initiatives to address a fast growing problem some call the “digital divide,” or the growing gap between those who have access to computing and those who do not.

Earlier this year, Ellum Net became one of the first internet service providers to upgrade from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps for residential and business customers. Before that, the company was one of the first internet service providers to power a smart cities living lab, improving the network to include Gigabit Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LP-WAN to offer IoT services and provide critical data analytics for restaurants, bars, venues, hospitals, commercial buildings and businesses.

“We are techno-geeks who are breaking boundaries and breaking free from traditional models,” Reese said. “We’re moving fast.”

About Ellum Net: Ellum Net is a high speed internet service provider that uses fiber to bring broadband connections to Dallas neighborhoods. Not only does Ellum Net provide fiber internet, but uses advanced analytics technologies to help companies optimize their resources. Ellum Net is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opus-3, a premiere cloud and hybrid IT services provider seeking to make communities around the world smarter and more sustainable with innovation.

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