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Inspiration for Mothers: Releasing My Daughter

It’s a wrap! My daughter graduated from high school this weekend. Oh what a wonderful time of elation, excitement and celebration as I watched her cross the stage to receive her high school diploma. Feelings of joy and sadness both overwhelmed me as I heard the announcer call my daughter’s name. For after twelve years of sweat, labor, and tears, my daughter is now a high school graduate.

Jeannine Stokes

And for twelve years, I have been holding on. Holding on to my daughter because I knew once she graduated, there would be no other children in our household to love, nourish and raise. Holding on because I wanted to protect her from the hurts and dangers of the crazy world she would now enter. Holding on because I wanted to ensure she had everything she needed to thrive and survive. Holding on simply because I didn’t want to ever let her go!

But now that she has graduated, I know it’s time. Like a butterfly who’s ready to leave its cocoon, I know it’s time I released my daughter from the safety of her cocoon. It is time to let her make her own decisions. It is time to let her make her own mistakes. It is time to let her live the life God designed for her, and time to trust that God can take care of her better than I ever could.

So I release my daughter today, knowing that if I have loved, nourished and shaped her in the cocoon of our home for eighteen years, she is ready to emerge, spread her wings and fly.


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