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No One Drifts To Success

I was thumbing through one of several composition note books that I routinely grab for note taking and I came across the topic, ‘No one drifts to success.’  As I began to review my notes, I easily understood why I took them. However; I do not know when and where. No date or location, no speaker’s name or author mentioned.

M.T. Caesar

M.T. Caesar

Nevertheless, the message hit home and spoke directly to me. Therefore; I must share aspects of the seven points mentioned. Perhaps, you may gleam some insight, inspiration and/or motivation that will assist you along your journey to Your Success.

Have Excellence of Commitment on Today: Each man or woman reading this should decide exactly what your goal is and lay out the steps by which, you intend to reach it if you have not already!

Learn How To Live Your Own Life: You will never find peace of mind by allowing others to live your life for you. God gave us the complete unchallengeable right over one thing-our own mind and by exercising this profound right you can lift yourself to great heights of achievement.

Motivate Yourself to Achieve Success: Develop a burning desire for something that you need in order to reach a greater goal for yourself. Remember there is a difference between wishing for something and deciding definitely that you are going to have it!

Strength Grows Out of Struggle: It (struggle) is either an ordeal or a magnificent experience; which depends on your attitude toward it. Success is impossible and unthinkable without it (struggle).

Have Sincerity: If you have a sincere desire to provide others with a better product or service in your chosen field of endeavor, sincerity of purpose will immune you from fear of criticism.

Exercise Patience: Patience demands its own particular type of courage. It is the courage to change the things you can and wiliness to accept the things that you can’t and the wisdom to know the difference. The more you believe in your idea of achieving your goal the more patience you will have to overcome obstacles.

Live with Enthusiasm: Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm. Arm yourself with conviction; cultivate the habit of thinking positively, forcefully and energetically and you will find your enthusiasm.

I believe that every breath that I take is a precious breath and that hanging on to my sanity and maintaining focus in this seemly crazy world is paramount. By adhering to these seven points and principals, I know that I must give ‘it’ my best at all times in order to achieve my goals of expanding my business and my collective intellect.

I wish you continued peace and Prosperity,

M.T. Caesar

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