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Preserved by Purpose:   Face to Face

“I have a what on my where?”  I asked my doctor as she reexplained what I’d obviously been too preoccupied to hear.    Honestly, I knew I’d heard it right but, I was just hoping she’d say something different the 2nd time.    By the time I collected my thoughts, the reality of what she said was literally staring me in the face:   I had a fungus on my face!

Initially I’d noticed the quarter-size strange dark spot while I was putting on makeup as I got ready for work early in the week.   Fearful of what it might be,   I immediately made a doctor’s appointment.   After she gave me the prescription and explained how she wanted me to use it, I asked her if I could still wear makeup.  She looked at me with a mixture of surprise and amusement, “Eye makeup and lipstick only” was her quick response.   Funny thing is she couldn’t tell me where the fungus came from.   She just said sometimes as women age, our bodies do strange things. Tell me about it, I thought.

Shewanda Riley

Even though I was glad that I finally knew what this mysterious “thing” was on my face, I was not looking forward to walking around in the public with no makeup for two weeks.   To convince myself that I wasn’t a makeup-less menace to society, I said for the first few days of the treatment was that I was getting my face “back in shape.”    But oh how scary looking I must have looked with no makeup!    My friends even told me all the right things like, “You are pretty without makeup.”    However, the best thing about not wearing makeup is that I saved at least 15 minutes off my time in getting ready for work in the mornings.

In the end, the cream that the doctor prescribed worked within a few days.    There were days when I wanted to cover the spot with makeup where others couldn’t see it but I’d still know that it was there.   It’s like I was put in a position where I had no choice but to be transparent.     She warned me that if I tried to cover up my face while it was trying to heal, it would hinder the healing process and might even make it worse.

In the end, I felt like God taught me how to be transparent, embrace and not hide my flaws.    I didn’t die like I thought I would by not wearing makeup.   In order to be completely healed, I had to risk being transparent. In much the same way, when we choose to be  transparent and are honest about our flaws(no matter how many ),  we also choose to take the first step to embracing God’s promises of emotional and spiritual healing as it says in Jeremiah 33:6,  “I will heal them and reveal to them the abundance of peace and truth.”


Shewanda Riley is the author of the Essence best-seller “Love Hangover: Moving From Pain to Purpose after a Relationship ends.” She can be reached at lovehangover@juno.com or on Twitter @shewanda.

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