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Transformance’s Economic Empowerment Center Blossoms

These days, it sure seems like the world could use a good story. A positive message or something to be proud of. I’d like to think I have a small contribution to share regarding our nonprofit’s ability to serve others.

Dr. Daniel B. Prescott, Jr. Interim CEO of Transformance Inc.

As the interim CEO of Transformance, formerly Consumer Credit Counseling of Greater Dallas, I’m proud to share the news that our long-awaited Economic Empowerment Center (we call it the “EEC”) has opened its doors. The EEC was created to be a place of common ground for the community, nonprofits and families who need a high-quality, affordable and convenient place for staging events or hosting gatherings. At 30,000-square feet, the EEC takes up the entire lower floor of our campus style headquarters just off of Interstate 35 and Regal Row.

The Economic Empowerment Center is specifically designed to offer three core components:

  • Collaboration – Through an integrated services delivery model, Transformance is partnering with other nonprofits to provide social services and job services alongside their education, learning and development programs.
  • Collective Impact – By working together in a team-based environment, multiple servant leader-based organizations can offer a combined effort to better serve individuals and communities.
  • Scale – The EEC is scalable and replicable in other communities across Texas and the nation. Thanks to technological advances and global thinking, services are no longer limited geographically. These strategic partnerships will create a network of services with a unified mission.


Its use will be multi-functional. Aside from the meeting space, we have dedicated a third of the area as a co-working space for schoolchildren, complete with audio/video/Wi-Fi connections. Workforce development, STEM/STEAM programs, financial coaching, food pantry assistance, corporate volunteerism and financial education programs will all eventually play a key role in the EEC.

We’re very proud to have signed up a signature curriculum for the nationally recognized Girls Who Code program. Through the Girls Who Code club program, locations across the country provide free afterschool programs for 6-12th grade girls who use computer science to impact their community and join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models. There are approximately 40,000+ enrollees nationwide. Transformance’s Economic Empowerment Center is the only local location for this program not affiliated with a school or library.

Services of Hope also maintains a fully stocked food pantry within the EEC. The extra space has allowed the nonprofit to triple the amount of food stores we have available to distribute to the neediest among us. The organization even hosted their first food drive giveaway in the new EEC in late January. You see, while Transformance is a financial capability nonprofit, we also specialize in integrated social services delivery. This means we can direct our consumer credit clients to immediate food assistance, social services and even counseling when necessary.

We recently hosted our first reception to showcase the brand new space and it was well attended by many representatives of other nonprofits, entrepreneurs, co-workers and business leaders from the Stemmons Freeway corridor. We hope it was the first gathering of many to come.

For more information on partnering with the EEC, please view the Economic Empowerment Center brochure on the Transformance website or contact Kim Hudspeth, property manager at (800) 249-2227.

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