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Up Close with Pastor Frank Hammonds

Pastor Frank & Denine Hammonds are planting a powerful, anointed ministry, Miracles Do Happen Ministries located in Denton, TX.   The couple has been married for 35 years. They have one lovely daughter Towanda Hammonds. It is the mandate of Pastor Frank Hammonds to annually host the Apostolic Prophetic Activation Conference (APAC). His assignment is to stir up the gifts in the believers and to encourage God’s people to seek the Lord.  His love for God started as a young boy.

Pastor Hammonds was called to preach at the age of 13.  He was ordained in 1968 as a minister under the leadership of Bishop C.E. Bennett at Saints Home C.O.G.I.C. in Gary, Indiana.  As a young minister, he preached fiery messages everywhere.  He was affectionately called “preacher” in high school.    He held lunch hour bible studies at West Side High School where he graduated in 1974.  Many great leaders have laid hands on him and released a great anointing on his life.

Pastor Frank Hammond

Pastor Frank Hammond

Bishop W. O. Blakely ordained him as an elder and then later as a pastor.  In 1996, he was ordained as an apostle by Apostle John Eckhardt of Chicago, IL.   His spiritual father the late Apostle Richard D. Henton of Chicago, IL imparted much wisdom and the heart of a father into his life.  Apostle Myles of Bahamas also laid hands on him and declared that the same anointing on his life would come upon Pastor Hammonds.

In 2005, he was led to move to Texas. He originally moved to Beaumont, but was literally blown to the North Dallas area during Hurricane Rita.   “God has a way of moving us and placing us where he wants us to be said, Hammond.”

As we fast-forward to 2016, Hammonds strongly prevails in prayer and teaches the saints to Declare, Decree, and Command in prayer.   He believes prayer should be effective, fervent, and continuous.  Through prayer, many have been saved, healed, delivered, and restored.  Miracles really do happen every day.

Both Hammonds and his wife strongly believe it is the will of God for the people of God to be activated in the gifts of God.  “It is time for the church to stir up the gifts of the apostles and prophets and to activate a ‘prophetic church,’ full of power, authority, and change, he added.”

Get ready for the new spiritual season!  Get ready for the move of God!

Get ready for the APAC conference on Friday December 16th at 7:30 p.m., 1301 Bernard St.  Denton, TX. You don’t want to miss it!


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