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Preserved – Taking Lent One Step Further

A number of years ago, I got a great surprise in the mail:  “Dear Shewanda L. Riley, Our records show that you haven’t yet registered for the benefits of AARP membership, even though you are fully eligible.”   I re-read the first line a few times to make sure I was reading the right thing. I thought, “ AARP?  Isn’t that ... Read More »

Preserved by Purpose – Character Still Counts!

With so much in the news lately about leaders falling from grace and others condemning their actions, one question remains: How can you avoid getting into a similar compromising situation? It’s not as simple as saying, “I would never ever do____________.” Sometimes we may find ourselves unknowingly in a compromising situation…and unsure of how to handle it. Sure, prayer always ... Read More »

Preserved – Measuring your Faith

One of my Christmas gifts last year was a FitBit tracker.   Like so many others, my goal in using the FitBit was to track my daily steps, improve my health and possibly lose weight.  What I didn’t realize until I began using it was that it tracked more than just how many steps I took each day.     Once I downloaded ... Read More »

Preserved – The Sum of Our Fears (part 2)

  As a continuation of last week’s column on the sum of all fears, this week I’d like to explore more about the creation of fears.   Like primary colors (yellow, blue and red) form the foundation of all colors, I think there are just three fears that are at the heart of all other fears.   In looking at others and ... Read More »

Preserved By Purpose – The Year of ME (Maximized Expectations)

“2016 is going to be the Year of Me”   This phrase came up in a conversation I had late last year with a friend who stated this with much enthusiasm.  Curious about what she meant and if she was going to all of sudden become extremely self-centered, I asked her what she meant.    At first, she paused and said,  “I’m ... Read More »

Preserved by Purpose – Prayer for Christmas Blessings

For some, Christmas is a time of joyous celebrations with loved ones; for others, it’s a challenging time of balancing hope and expectations with God’s sovereign will for our lives.    This prayer encouraged me when I wrote it a few years ago and I wanted to share it to encourage others during this Christmas season. “I praise you God for ... Read More »

Preserved by Purpose – Complaint or Compliant: The Choice is Yours

Even though I’m a fairly good writer, I’m not the best typist.   This is why I’m glad that there’s spell check.  Even though it’s not always perfect (my first name is always flagged as incorrect), spellcheck catches most commonly misspelled English words.   Once in a while working on a writing project, I did my usual spellcheck.  And because I knew ... Read More »

SILENT CHRISTIANS: A Theory Explaining Why Racism and Bigotry Lives On

The 1939 movie Gone with the Wind (GWTW) is a struggle for me to watch. And, reading the novel was well almost impossible. There’s a scene when the protagonist, Scarlett O’Hara (the original “Real Housewife of Atlanta) asks the black characters of ‘Mammy’ and ‘Big Sam’ to milk cows or tend horses or complete some farm- related tasks and they ... Read More »

Preserved by Purpose – Connections that Matter

“Shewanda Riley!”   The cheery, broad smile and dark chocolate face beamed at me and repeated my name again.  “Shewanda Riley!” I was waiting outside the luncheon room with a dozen of others who were attending the Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education Annual Conference in Corpus Christi, a number of years ago when I heard the familiar voice.  ... Read More »

Excerpts from My Mama Told Me…

One More “I am an advocate for hurting children who live in abusive home environments. To the adults in these situations, please recognize that children deserve to be children and it is your duty to protect them and make them feel safe in their own homes. A child’s safety supersedes the supervising adult’s well-being. Leave for your children’s sake. They ... Read More »