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The Rhythm of Walking

One late Friday evening on July 6, 2018 almost four months ago, I accidently fell-doing something that I should not have been doing and broke two of the main bones in my right ankle, the tibia and fibula. I had surgery a week later, Thursday July 12, at Methodist Health Systems in Mansfield.

On August 14, a month after the Orthopedic surgery my broken ankle was mended. My bones were put back together with a metal plate and screws to hold the bones in place and to allow healing to occur. In pain, agony and bewilderment, I wrote in my journal, “My lower leg hurts and there is production and billing work to be done.” It’s 2:30, in the morning and I need to capture my thoughts now. Because, these are tough times for me mentally and physically; I had to keep my leg elevated above my heart. I walked with the aid of crutches and had to move about in the house with a knee walker. Sleeping and showering were nightly challenges.”

I thought to myself Man; doing this season-I am certainly glad that I already have great faith in The Holy Spirit’s protection, provision and guidance over my life. During this time, my faith got stronger, the reliance on God’s presence kept my stress level low concerning all aspects and effects caused by my physical condition.

I became more aware of the Holy Spirit as a Comforter, Helper and Counselor as well as an Advocate and Encourager. My investment in church, bible study and Sunday School really paid sweet dividends.

I experienced some humbling and humorous episodes like the time that I was going to ‘get in the car and just leave’ I could not. The large protective plastic boot that I was wearing was not allowing that to happen. I had to go back inside the house to deal with it.

And on another occasion, my wife chauffeured me to the African American Museum, to pick up a check for Advertising with DGC.  I was feeling good and looking good – really thought that I was moving smooth and graceful on my crutches; but about three feet from reaching the door, I took a step and I fell face down. I thought wow-I just fell, I wondered if anyone saw me?

I got up, as quick as possible, gathered myself and opened the door and approached the person at the lobby desk with a calm smile and asked for Ms. Jones..  By that time, Coffey, my wife had hurried in, out of concern, and was asking me was I alright?  She said, “I saw you fall.”  My cool was gone, my cover blown-The elderly man came from behind the desk and asked if I need a chair.

There were other kind of fun things such as driving the battery powered shopping cart through Walmart in Cedar Hill and Desoto. Some people will look with empathy, some with pity and some wouldn’t see you at all.

I recently told my sister, Helen, that this accident forced me to pause and say to myself “Caesar you must do you”. I learned new behaviors, and alternative and creative ways of getting things done. I changed my eating and study habits- I now meditate and practice yoga. I am extremely appreciative for family, true friends, DGC customers and advertisers and The New Light Church.  I also lost a few things that I hope I never find again, such as Weight, My Stomach, and Fear of being myself.

Prior to my accident, I walked or jogged 3 to 4 times per week I had the stamina and leg strength to sustain the rhythm of my upbeat smooth gait for 30 to 35 minutes- sometimes longer-depending on time and desire to do so.

Now-though, I still have a little hitch in my get-a- long and I am not yet pain free, it is nothing like the early days when I was in severe pain and could not walk. The Physical Rehab sessions every Wednesday and Friday are beneficial and a true blessing. I plan to continue perhaps through November. The staff at the Green Oaks Physical Therapy in Desoto are awesome.

Today starting at 6:10pm this afternoon, I walked a few blocks in my Desoto neighborhood for the first time since before July 6. My steps were syncopated and my pace was not fast, yet I could feel the beat of the rhythm of my walk with every step   and it feels so good.

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