Make the gospel message plain.I was recently listening to a popular pastor tell the story of how when he first started in ministry, he kept a whole lot of notes with him that he could reference during his sermons. Then suddenly one night as he was about to deliver his message, there was a blackout. He said he asked God “What do I tell them now?” and God revealed to him to just tell them about Jesus.

So, what about Jesus do we tell? Well, we can start with “In the beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of men.” [ John 1:1-4 KJV Amp] Let’s pause here to ponder the thought: “The Light of men” referring to Jesus.

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Larry Buford

Now when you consider the electric lighting in a room, most of us don’t know the theory of electricity, but we have faith that when we turn on a switch, the lights should come on. We can attribute it to a source – either a generator or a power grid. So, when you think about it, if we as human beings are not powered by a generator nor a power grid, what is it that keeps us going (lighted)? It’s Jesus, the Light of men [mankind]; He is our source. The fact that everything around us that we see and touch is fallible, would you dare attribute your power to anything but the invisible God?

The other thing we can tell about Jesus is how He came to reconcile mankind to God. What the first Adam lost in the Garden of Eden, the second Adam (Jesus) came to restore. During His time [ministry] on earth He did many signs and wonders for man to witness and record up to His death on the cross and beyond to His resurrection and ascension; which is the hope of believers.

So, getting back to the pastor and his notes: Seems like every time we turn on the radio or TV, someone has a new book about the gospel. I see nothing wrong with that as long as we keep the main thing, the main thing – Jesus! The Bible says, “Of making many books there is no end [so do not believe everything you read]; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” [Ecclesiastes 12:12 KJV Amp]

We should be careful not to over-complicate, neither over-simplify the gospel message of salvation. Make it plain: “Fear God [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is] and keep His commandments, for this is the whole of man [the full, original purpose of his creation, the object of God’s providence, the root of character, the foundation of all happiness, the adjustment to all inharmonious circumstances and conditions under the sun] and the whole [duty] for every man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it is good or evil.” [Ecclesiastes 12:13,14 KJV Amp]

As the late Bible teacher J. Vernon McGee would say, “Put the cookies on the bottom shelf so the kiddies can get them.”

Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. Author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” and “Book To The Future” (Amazon). Email: LBuford8101@hotmail.com

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