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My 7 Proverbs for Exponential Growth

The month of July is an ideal time of the year for reflection, and if needed, course correction. Today I decided that I needed to enact a mid-year review of key areas where growth is needed and to look at my pursuit toward self-development; Spiritually, Financially, and Intellectually. Right now, if I am honest with myself, I’ll say Spiritually I am getting there, …

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Here’s to Your Success in 2019!

It’s here-The New Year- your vision is clear your goals are written down. This year is your year for heightens success.  Now you understand that ‘No one just drifts to Success.’ You know exactly what you want and have laid out the steps by which you intend to follow. “Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be …

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This Year In America Christmas Came Just In Time

12/24/18 The political and social atmosphere in America is toxic-causing me watery eyes and sometimes tears – the smoke from extreme right verses extreme left social and political positions form clouds of foul pollutants. This year, Christmas came just in time; just in time for the politicians and citizens of this great country to perhaps, pause, acknowledge and embrace the …

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Be Keenly Aware, Be Ready and Be Thankful

I am sobered by the reality that I have not voiced my Affirmations, recently. It has been more than two weeks since I said; “My faith enables me to leap over walls of limitation. I attract beauty, Joy and Abundance into my life. I choose harmony and peace in all of my relationships. Today, I remember to savor each and …

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The Rhythm of Walking

One late Friday evening on July 6, 2018 almost four months ago, I accidently fell-doing something that I should not have been doing and broke two of the main bones in my right ankle, the tibia and fibula. I had surgery a week later, Thursday July 12, at Methodist Health Systems in Mansfield. On August 14, a month after the Orthopedic surgery …

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Perspectives by Caesar: Vote

  Assuming, that you and are eligible to vote and have not voted, you have one last opportunity to vote in the 2018 Texas Democratic Primary Elections; tomorrow March 6. It is not wise to say, “my vote does not or will not count.” Not true, particularly, in the local Dallas County races, your vote will count. The margins are …

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Power Principles Leading To Greatness

Today begins the first full ‘work week’ of the new year, as well as the first day of the rest of your life. Surely, you are set and ready to continue accelerating and ascending into your ‘greatness’. To keep the pace you must run sprints, jump over hurdles and endure the distance races. Welcome to 2018 this is Your Year! …

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