The faith-based film “Never Heard,” starring David Banner, Romeo Miller, and Karrueche Tran is a one day movie event only in theaters nationwide, Thursday, November 1, 2018. The independent film will then be available on DVD (pre-order now).
“We have to make sure we support the film because a lot of companies are giving these films limited dates that have a certain level of knowledge,” David Banner told the EUR in a recent phone interview. “They believe that Americans just want trash and if we keep putting out trash then that becomes the truth, so, if we want better we have to show up.”
Directed by Josh Webber, the movie stars Banner as Aaron Davis, who is in prison for a crime he did not commit. While battling to get out of jail, his son Jalen (Romeo Miller) grows up on the streets of Los Angeles, being raised by his mother (Robin Given) and grandmother Camilla (Karen Abercrombie). Banner was drawn to the role because of strong themes addressed in the film.
“He was fighting to preserve his manhood,” Banner said. “He was fighting for the life of his son. He was fighting to get his wife back. I don’t think black men in America have really had what is due to them. They are prominently stepped on. So, it was an honor to be a voice to people I resonate with who don’t have a lot of opportunities to speak.”
Yes, while the film may sound stereotypical about black life in America, Banner added it has a deep message.
“This is one of my criticisms about American art in general, they stereotype and typecast black men from the jump, especially black men who are tall and dark skinned. I liked this role because it did have redemption.”
Romeo Miller, the son of rap mogul Master P, plays Banner’s son in the film and told the EUR in a recent phone interview, “As a leading man, this is one of the roles that I wanted to start off with. It’s a movie that is relevant, real, and a movie that has a message. I had to do it because it’s for the generation, this is what we need.”
Hailing from New Orleans, much of Miller’s family grew up in the projects and many are in jail. Miller said another reason he did the film was for his uncle, rapper C-Murder (Master P’s brother), who is currently incarcerated in Louisiana for murder.
“This is so close to home and it’s real life for so many out in the world today,” said Miller. “My uncle is a living example of (innocent black men in jail). If you’re a man of color, and I’m not saying everybody’s perfect, but people want to put the blame on you to make an example. A lot of innocent men are in jail, for what?”
“And depending on where you are from in the world it can be 10 times worse,” Miller continued. “Getting locked up in Louisiana is one thing you don’t want to do because the mentality down there is still that slave-owner mentality.”
Karrueche Tran stars as Romeo Miller’s girlfriend and told EUR at the premiere last night at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles, “I’m Christian, but I wasn’t super religious and my character is a church girl. She grew up in the church and sings in the church. I wanted to be a part of this film because it’s faith-based and it has a strong message.”
Working with Tran was, “Amazing!,” Miller said. “A lot of people know her as the fashionista, but she truly came prepared and our chemistry was just unbelievable. I think the audience will be very pleased with the connection we have in the film.”
Tran said of Miller, “He was a great partner and easy to work with. It was fun.”
While Romeo Miller also had great things to say about working with David Banner and Robin Givens as his parents in the film, Banner gave a special shout out to Master P for raising a young black man to look up to.
“Master P and his wife did such a great job with this young man,” said Banner. “He is one of the most respectable men that I’ve met not just in the music industry and film industry (but in general).”

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