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        By Larry S. Buford With the release of the almost 50-year-old documentary of Aretha Franklin’s “Amazing Grace” album recorded in Los Angeles at gospel giant James Cleveland’s church , here’s a book review I wrote four years ago, “The Life of Aretha Franklin” by David Ritz. I highly recommend the book for all Aretha fans. It’s very insightful! …

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Black Press of America On National Alert in Wake of Domestic Terrorism

By Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire Correspondent @StacyBrownMedia Working closely with law enforcement professionals in several states, the FBI announced the arrest of former pizza delivery driver, Cesar Sayoc. Sayoc, a White American male from Aventura, Florida, has been charged with five Federal crimes, including mailing an incendiary device and threatening a former president. Sayoc was arrested at an auto …

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HouseTalk: To Make Your Bed or Not to Make Your Bed?

I personally prefer to make my bed before leaving the house for the day.  Well, it is a habit and partly because being from a large family, it was my mother’s rule.  With several children in one room, whether your bed was the twin bunk bed or a portion of the full bed, when you got outta the bed you …

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