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Get The (—-) Out of The Way!

Get the (4 letter word) out of the way and make it happen. Believers have the audacity to move forward and rapidly expand your ministries, businesses, vocal talents, musical gifts, athletic skills, literary aptitude and your being great and gifted. Willing workers master and expand your territories. You have been called for a time such as this, 2016. Yes, it is your year. Pray obey and get the (4 letter word) out of the way and for God’s sake -remove self.

MT Caesar Publisher
M.T. Caesar, Publisher

‘Self’ is the four letter word that I am referring to. For some, it can become a constant stronghold in our lives. Husbands and fathers forgive your selves and get moving. Wives and mothers forgive your selves and go ahead and make it happen. Time out for talking! It’s time to spend quality time executing your visions.

Say good bye to self-deceit. There is no longer room for self-doubt. Kingdom building thoughts and expressions have been placed within your spirit. Believe and know that you are worthy of all that God has for you.

You want His anointing to fall upon you right? Ok you got it! The power of the Holy Spirit resides in and abides within you. Let it out.

Perhaps, you have to be a less private person, revealing more about myself. And maybe you have to see exactly who you are. However; you must not allow God’s Promise to become your Pressure.









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