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HouseTalk: To Make Your Bed or Not to Make Your Bed?

I personally prefer to make my bed before leaving the house for the day.  Well, it is a habit and partly because being from a large family, it was my mother’s rule.  With several children in one room, whether your bed was the twin bunk bed or a portion of the full bed, when you got outta the bed you made the bed!  As simple as that.

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So now, I prefer to make my bed.  And it does give me that extra space to lay out my clothing, if need be, and or it gives me space to gather other items together that I’m taking out of the bedroom or items that will accompany me for the day.

I prefer to make my bed. To walk away seeing a clutter-free room and the bed decorated with pretty pillows and matching comforter.

According to an article May 7th, 2015, by Zainab Mudallal, entitled “People who make their beds in the morning are happier and more productive.” I rest my case.  LOL.  No really, the article goes on to say most people don’t make their beds (can you believe that, my Mother would have a fit!).  The survey says out of 68K people; 59% don’t make their beds, 27% do make their beds and 12% have somebody else do it (lucky them).

Now it only takes 2 minutes to make your bed; less if you just spread it up; like some people do with the idea, why make it?  I’m just going to get back in it tonight.

It has been said, “the state of your bed is the state of your head.”  Also, the Sleep Foundation said, those who make their beds everyday are more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

All-in-all, making your bed is a good thing.  Remember if it’s not your first habit, it can be developed in only 66 consecutive days of doing it to make it a daily routine.

But to be fair, I must say (to my better judgment), science does say if it’s not your thing, don’t sweat it.  Because an un-made bed does and can keep the dust mites at bay, thus aiding those who suffer with sniffles and asthma.

However, I still feel strongly about making my bed when I get out of it and surely before I leave home for the day.  Besides, it helps my bedroom look prettier, and it’s visually appealing to the over-all aesthetics of the room.  Remember it’s your personal space, your private space, your sanctuary, the place of rest and rejuvenation; it should look and feel like it.

You decide… To Make Your Bed or Not to Make Your Bed?  Just a little “HouseTalk”

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