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Ted Winn Wins!!!

*I always say artists should know the music business. Ted Winn, the artist, knows the music business.

Winn owns a successful song writing and publishing company and his aerobic style vocals on his new solo release “Stand in Awe” (Shanachie) and his two Stellar Award wins show he also knows how to sing.

The Memphis native enlisted the help of Grammy winner Hezekiah Walker and Lisa Knowles on “Stand in Awe.”

“I intended for it to be inspiring and motivating,” said Ted about the new project. “I’ve been working on it for the last four years…really slow.”

Winn took his time because he had a business to run.

“I have 30 songwriters and producers. I’ve been building my company,” Winn pointed out. “Most writers come to me, referred to me.”

Ted Winn said it was his business skills’ reputation that attracted clientele for his company Veracity Entertainment, such as Ciara, Marques Houston, Toni Braxton, T-Pain, Vashawn Mitchell, Trey Songz and Lil’ Wayne. Ted use to be in a duo Ted and Sherri (Sherri Jones-Moffet) that was formed in 1995. In 2009 he branched off for a solo career via his label Teddy’s Jamz and immediately secured three Billboard Chart Toppers. Eight years later and he is releasing his sophomore solo project.

“Performing as a duo is not so taxing. As a soloist it’s very different. You make all the decisions…it’s on you – good or bad,” he said about the difference between singing as a duo and a soloist. “It’s a different experience. Everything is discussed…you develop a partnership.”

As a songwriter/producer, Ted’s songs have been recorded by Tamela Mann, Marvin Sapp and Bishop Paul S. Morton.

“I had a different title, ‘Perspective’,” Ted told me about the new project. “I even had songs for it, but towards the end I felt that the songs didn’t fit the recorded body of work.”

I can see what he means because the title track, “Stand in Awe,” is one of my favorite songs on the album because it is a sweet plea of love for God – vocally. Other favorites include “Grateful” featuring vocal assistance from Maranda Curtis because it’s a beautiful, yet powerful, slow Praise & Worship song about God’s work – I also love the chimes, “More” because Ted Winn does outstanding vocal aerobics and “Fill Me Up” because, being a former Navy girl, I love the military drum beats matching the powerful vocal build up of the song. In addition, I am totally “standing in awe” of the vocal harmony supporting Winn’s project. Read More

By Eunice Moseley

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