Praise the Lord, I tell myself and never forget the good things he does for me. Psalms 103:3, NLT

Jeaninne Stokes

In a recent sermon, the Pastor of a church challenged his parishioners to compile a list of items they were thankful for during the past year. He even gave them time during the service to compile their list, so they would begin to reflect on the many blessings God had bestowed upon them.

Whether as a young boy taking care of his father’s sheep, hiding in caves from his enemies, or reigning on the throne as King of Israel, David never forgot all of the good things God did for him. And many of the items he expressed thankfulness for are recorded in the book of Psalms. For example, in Psalm 103, David wrote he was thankful for:

    • Forgiveness of his sins
    • Healing from diseases
    • Deliverance from death
    • God’s love and mercy
    • Being surrounded with good things
    • Renewed strength
    • Grace and mercy
    • God’s unlimited patience
    • God’s unfailing love

As we prepare to celebrate this upcoming holiday of thankfulness with our family and friends, has God done something for you this year that you never want to forget? Then take some time to compile your Thanksgiving list!

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Prayer: Father, I am thankful for all the good things you have done for me this year, and promise to never forget. Amen.

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Jeaninne Stokes

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