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Workers ask whose side are you on?

By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. More than 2,200 nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center went out on strike last week, but they are not alone. On Sept. 15, 46,000 hourly General Motors’ United Auto Workers employees went on strike, the first time in 12 years. Striking British Airway pilots grounded 1,700 planes. In Republican states like Oklahoma …

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About Author CaSandra McLaughlin

CaSandra McLaughlin is a native of Marshall, TX, who loves God, her family, and Mexican food—in that order! She hosts a gospel radio show in Dallas and is very active in serving her listening community. She has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as anyone can remember. In addition to writing books, she wrote and produced her first play, Don’t Love Me …

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Deacon Brown’s Daughter receives Best Feature Film

Dynamic author duo CaSandra McLaughlin also known as Cassie Mack of 1040 AM KGGR and Michelle Stimpson won Best Feature Film at The Capital City Black Film Festival in Austin, Texas. McLaughlin and Stimpson have co-authored several books that are Best Sellers and now their book Deacon Brown’s Daughter is a Best Feature Film. McLaughlin and Stimpson stepped out on …

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