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Praise the Lord, I tell myself and never forget the good things he does for me. Psalms 103:3, NLT In a recent sermon, the Pastor of a church challenged his parishioners to compile a list of items they were thankful for during the past year. He even gave them time during the service to compile their list, so they would begin to reflect …

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Preserved by Purpose: Solitude: A Christian (and Writer’s) Best Friend

“God sometimes has relationships end so he can make room for the ones he wants us to have in our lives” A few years ago, I was talking to a friend about some recent changes with some close friendships when he shared these profound words with me. He also reminded me that God will allow relationships to shift as He …

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Preserved by Purpose: You Have to Do Your Part

“You didn’t tell us we had to do that.”   During the first weeks of school, I hear this phrase at least once per day per class (probably an average of 15-20 times a week) from my college English Composition students.   A few years ago, I heard it so much that I started to doubt that I’d given clear instructions on …

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Preserved by Purpose – Leaving Baggage at Home

“Everyone’s got baggage.”  True or false?  Some may say that they have no baggage because God or 6 weeks with a psychotherapist took care of that.  There are so many different types: emotional, physical, spiritual, financial and sexual.  Some baggage that we carry is the result of our poor decisions while others are a result of us being victimized by …

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Preserved by Purpose – Forgiving the Unforgiveable

  It’s been nearly 10 years since the world was horrified at the deaths of 10 teen-aged girls at an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania.   Rather than seeing the normal images of grief-stricken family members promising revenge for the killings or violent acts of retaliation, in 2006 the world watched in amazement as the Amish families illustrated Christian idea of forgiveness.  …

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