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Preserved – A Purpose 27 Years in the Making

27 years ago, I had what I thought was the perfect job when I worked for an African American bookstore in San Antonio.   Not only did I get to satisfy my love of reading but I also got to satisfy my love of all things African American.   We sold books but we also sold art, clothes, and jewelry and I …

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Preserved – Witness Without Regrets

It was my habit to take notes of my former pastor’s sermons (late Dr. Jerome McNeil, Jr) as a way for me to remember his inspiring thoughts.   I remember once struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of his words then he said three words that made me stop writing mid sentence.   He said that we should be “witnesses …

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Preserved by Purpose: Spiritual PTSD and Life After Warfare

The recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that sometimes the hardest thing to deal with isn’t just the battle in a war but might be what happens afterwards.     As a result, the news is full of stories of soldiers and their families who have struggled to transition back to normal life after the life changing trauma of war. …

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