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Preserved – Christians, Stop Supporting Immorality

It’s been less than a week since one of the most divisive Supreme Court nomination fights ended with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court.   Many Christians and white evangelicals gleefully celebrated the shifting of the Supreme Court to an ultraconservative majority that could eventually overturn the Roe V Wade decision that legalized abortion.   They claimed that …

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Preserved by Purpose: Living the Diamond Life

This past weekend, Serena Williams, considered by many to be the best tennis player in the world, suffered a stunning defeat at the US Open.     What made the loss to the phenomenal Naomi Osaka all the more hurtful to many was the fact Williams was disrespected by the chair umpire and fined $17,000.  After the match, Williams did something that …

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Preserved – A Purpose 27 Years in the Making

27 years ago, I had what I thought was the perfect job when I worked for an African American bookstore in San Antonio.   Not only did I get to satisfy my love of reading but I also got to satisfy my love of all things African American.   We sold books but we also sold art, clothes, and jewelry and I …

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